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DENMARK 2005: Trip Report


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The ferry arrived in Copenhagen in the early morning. The apartment wasn't available until 10am so we cycled along the coast to see the 'little mermaid'.

We had trouble finding until we realized we were within 10 meters, but it was hidden by tourists. I'd got the impression, from photographs, that it was large and some way from the shore. It is small and insignificant and you can step from land onto the base.


The apartment was located in the basement of an imposing stone building, in a quiet cul-de-sac and opposite a park.

It was very large, quiet and clean and furnished in basic Ikea. Despite being in the basement, there was natural light from windows set into wells in the pavement.

The location was ideal, less than a 20 minute bike ride to the center of Copenhagen.

All roads and streets in Copenhagen, have dedicated bike paths separated from the road and running along each side.

The bike paths are strictly one way. If you want to go in the other direction you must cross to the other side of the road.

Bike paths are marked over all road junctions, and are included in the traffic light sequence.

Every railway station and office has a stack of bikes outside. The bikes are almost all black "sit up and beg" roadsters.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city. Unlike many European countries Denmark was unscathed in World War II. With Stukas flying over the city Denmark bowed to the inevitable and surrendered.

For the first day we cycled around more or less at random, just exploring.

The area that we were staying in, to the north of the city, is the most pleasant and retains the original character. The suburbs to the south were modern and less attractive.

In the evening we left our bikes at home and took a train to Tivoli Gardens. We arrived late in the afternoon with the childrens' entertainments just ending and the fairground in full swing. As dusk fell we went for dinner at the Færgekroen Bryghus restaurant. The restaurant is on the side of a lake. We sat on the boardwalk and enjoyed a candle lit dinner with excellent food and service. The sounds of the fairground in the background, and a pirate ship restaurant on the other side of the lake, added to the atmosphere.

As we left a rock concert was starting. The crowd was densely packed, we didn't recognize the singer, but he was certainly popular. The Tivoli Gardens are quite remarkable, changing seamlessly from children's paradise to romantic restaurant to teenage nightspot every evening.

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