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Six Sigma Books
Six Sigma, Breyfogle Implementing Six Sigma, Smarter Solutions Using Statistical Methods
Forrest W, Breyfogle III; John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 0-471-29659-7
This text emphasizes the quantitative aspects of six sigma including basic statistical methods, SPC, MSA and DOE. It provides comprehensive coverage of the methods, although the coverage of most areas is too brief for self study by the novice. Its main use is as a reference and to fill in gaps in one's knowledge. It should certainly be on the bookshelf of any Six Sigma Black Belt.
Highly recommended, particularly for trainers or candidates for the ASQ CSSBB
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Six Sigma, Pyzdek

The Six Sigma Handbook
Thomas Pyzdek; McGraw Hill
ISBN 0-07-141015-5
This text includes thorough coverage of the DMAIC methodology and six sigma deployment. It provides a balanced coverage that is closely aligned to the ASQ CSSBB syllabus. The answer to most of the questions in the ASQ CSSBB exam would be in the book somewhere, and in a fairly specific form. A solid book that should stand on your bookshelf next to Breyfogle.
Highly recommended, particularly for trainers or candidates for the ASQ CSSBB

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Six Sigma, Pyzdek

The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook
Pande, Neuman, Cavanagh; McGraw Hill
ISBN 0-07-137314-4
The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook is a good guide at the Green Belt level. It does focus on team processes and ways of presenting data graphically. It does not include Black Belt level statistical methods (e.g. DOE), but it does discuss where, and how they would be applied.
The book is well written and practical, it deserves a place on the Six Sigma practitioner's bookshelf, and it would be a good idea to give a copy to everybody on a process improvement team.

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Design of Experiments (DOE) [Top]
DOE, Montgomery Design and Analysis of Experiments
Montgomery; Wiley
ISBN 0-471-48735-X
This is the most authoritative text on the subject. It is extremely thorough, but is aimed at a high level. You will need a good grasp of mathematics and statistics to follow it properly. If you are serious about the design of experiments then you need this book.
Obligatory for the serious professional.
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DOE, Schmidt Understanding Industrial Designed Experiments
Schmidt & Launsby; Air Academy Press
ISBN 1-880156-03-2
A very accessible book that explains the Design of Experiments in an understandable way. It places the material in the context of process improvement, rather than in an academic context. About half the book is devoted to the theory, and the rest to case studies.
Highly recommended, very relevant to practitioners.
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Statistical Process Control (SPC) [Top]
SPC, Montgomery Introduction to Statistical Quality Control
Montgomery; Wiley
This is probably the most respected and authoritative text in the field. It covers the same material as several undergraduate textbooks. The focus is on Control Charts, but it also covers Designed Experiments and Reliability. Montgomery has a clear and incisive writing style. Although this is an excellent work of reference, it is a fairly advanced text.
An excellent reference, obligatory for the serious professional.
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SPC, Mitra Fundamentals of Quality Control and Improvement
Mitra; Prentice Hall
ISBN 0-13-645086-5
This is another respected undergraduate text and covers much the same ground as Montgomery. Mitra is not as incisive or authoritative as Montgomery, but the text is written at a slightly lower level and is probably easier to understand. The downside is that the text suffers from poor proof-reading, particularly in the examples, and this can be confusing.
Not as authoritative as Montgomery but easier to understand.
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Process Improvement in Healthcare [Top]
SPC for Healthcare Improving Healthcare with Control Charts
Carey, Stake
Carey's books are essential for anybody involved in healthcare, or any related profession. They do not cover the theory of SPC in any depth, but focus on practical implementation. They contain many case studies and examples, and do an excellent job of describing how to interpret control charts. Carey is a clear writer with an incisive mind.
Essential for practitioners in healthcare.
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SPC, Mitra Measuring Quality Improvement in Healthcare
Carey, LLoyd
There is considerable overlap between this and Carey's later book "Improving Healthcare with Control Charts". The later book is more comprehensive, and Carey Carey seems to be more confident with the subject matter. I'd recommend both but if you are only buying one then Improving Healthcare with Control Charts is better.
Excellent, but Improving Healthcare with Control Charts is better.
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Quality Health Care
This text concentrates on selecting performance indicators and collecting, interpreting and presenting the data. If fits well with the text Improving Healthcare with Control Charts by Carey and Stake. Indeed Lloyd makes the point that he observed that people grasped control charting quickly, but floundered with the apparently simpler tasks of creating data collection plans and creating 'dashboards'. The book includes many case studies.
If you are in healthcare you must have both this and the Carey and Stake text.

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Statistics [Top]
Stats, Devore

Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences
Devore; Brooks/Cole
ISBN 0-53-437281-3
This book is designed as a text book to be used in a typical college course, and covers much the same material as many other similar texts. I find that this one is clearly written and rather more practical than most, and the examples are relevant and varied. One of the problems with many statistics texts is that, because the notation and approach is built up throughout the book, it is difficult to understand an isolated topic. Although this book does not avoid that completely, it is not as frustrating as many.
A good choice for practitioners.

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Stats, Kiemele Basic Statistics, Tools for Continuous Improvement
Kiemele, Schmidt, Berdine; Air Academy Press
ISBN 1-880156-06-7
An excellent book. It is clearly written and written from a practical perspective. It is unusual, and valuable, in that it aimed at the practitioner, rather than the undergraduate. Despite the title the focus is on the tools for continuous improvement, rather than on statistics. It includes the Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, Reliability and Quality Function Deployment. It contains extensive case studies.
Highly recommended, very relevant to practitioners.
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