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:: NEW Quality Improvement for Healthcare Course

Our Quality Improvement for Healthcare course is now in draft form. The course is intended for medical and administrative staff in healthcare and aged care. The choice of content has been guided by the excellent texts by Dr Robert Lloyd and Raymond Carey (see https://micquality.com/six_sigma_books/):

  • Quality Health Care, R Lloyd
  • Measuring Quality Improvement in Healthcare, R.G. Carey & R. Lloyd
  • Improving Healthcare with Control Charts, R.G.Carey & L.V.Stake

If you are a healthcare professional and are interested in reviewing the draft course please let us know so we can open a free evaluation account for you. At this stage we are still open to suggestion on the content, particularly case studies that we can use in the exercises. We intend the course to be used as a stand-alone course, or to support face to face training.

:: Specials

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:: Six Sigma Topic: Process Improvement Tools
Activity Network Diagram

A way of representing activities and dependencies involved in a complex project. There are several versions of Activity Network Diagram, the main types being PERT and CPM.

Box Plots (Box and Whisker Plots)

Box Plots are used to represent relatively small data sets. The standard format of a box is shown below:

The outliers are points that are more than 1.5 times the interquartile range above the third quartile or below the first quartile. The whiskers extend to the largest, and smallest, data values that are not outliers.

Check Sheets

A tally sheet that is used to collect data . It is a simple method that can be used with a minimum of instruction:

A Pareto Chart would often be a useful next step for analyzing the results.

Consensus Criteria Method

See Prioritization Matrices


Critical Path Method. Essentially the same as PERT, although there are some technical differences.

Decision Trees

A graphical tool for helping to chose between several courses of action. The tree starts with the decision that has to be made. The branches are then formed from the future decisions that the initial decision will leads to, or to the possible outcomes from the decisions:

Frequency Distribution

A diagram, or table, that shows the number of observations falling into each of several ranges of values. A histogram is a common method for representing a frequency distribution.

Gantt Chart

A chart showing the work breakdown against time. The vertical axis shows the activities and the horizontal axis the time (in days, weeks, months etc.)


A graphical method that represents the distribution of values in a data set. The data values are grouped into ranges and shown as bars on a histogram:

... continued in the Six Sigma Glossary

See more Process Improvement Tools definitions in Mic Quality Six Sigma Glossary and study them with examples in our Primer in Statistics online course.

:: Statistical Process Control (SPC), Advanced Statistical Process Control
:: Design of Experiments (DOE), Advanced Design Of Experiments
:: Primer in Statistics, Advanced Statistics
:: Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)/ Gage R&R
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