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MiC Quality: 10th ANNIVERSARY

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:: MiC Quality Online Courses are 10 Years Old

Our first online course was launched in the early 1998. It was the course in Statistical Process Control with a section on Introduction to Statistics. Initially it was an experiment to find out if there is a market for online courses in statistical methods. The course required registration but otherwise was free.

Over 1998 and 1999 the number of registrations in the free SPC course continued to grow. We knew then that there was a market for our courses and improved the course modules using the feedback we received from our students.

In February 2000 we launched the new improved version of the SPC course as a paid course. The number of students kept on growing and we started to develop new courses.

Our first course after SPC was the Design of Experiments. Our launch date was September 17, 2001. The timing was very unfortunate because it coincided with the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It was a sad time.

In 2003 we launched the Measurement Systems Analysis/ Gage R&R course followed by Advanced Statistics in 2004 and Advanced SPC and Advanced DOE in 2005. Our most recent course - the Six Sigma Primer - was launched in September 2007.

We would like to thank you for your support of our courses.

We hope that in future years our current 8 online courses will continue to be useful to quality and training managers needing to train their staff in SPC, DOE, MSA, Statistics and the basics of Six Sigma. If you are a manager responsible for staff training please Contact Us and take advantage of our special on Pre-Paid Licenses.
:: LinkedIn Invitation

I have recently discovered the LinkedIn professional network. It is an online environment where professionals can contact one another and form networks with people with similar backgrounds and interests.

Since many of you are professionals - managers, engineers, technicians, scientists, doctors, nurses, chemists, quality trainers, consultants, Black Belts and Master Black Belts - I would like to invite you to link with me. If you are already a member please add me to your network.

Best regards,

:: Six Sigma Primer
:: Statistical Process Control (SPC), Advanced Statistical Process Control
:: Design of Experiments (DOE), Advanced Design Of Experiments
:: Primer in Statistics, Advanced Statistics
:: Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)/ Gage R&R
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:: FREE Sample Module "Introduction to Statistics"
FREE Statistics Reference Booklet
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