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PROBLEM: Displaying Photos - Solved

Question 01: Displaying Photos

I am having problems working out how to display my photos on a mini exhibition (as above). The issues are:
  1. fading over time due to sunlight (see 2 panels in the center, that's after few months exposure without laminate)
  2. attaching photos to canvas boards (I am using Velcro hook&loop dots after giving up on double-sided sticky tape)
  3. keeping photos flat (they curl up a bit during laminating)
  4. light reflections for clear laminating pouches

I have been trying to fix problem 1 by laminating photos. There are problems though - the clear laminating pouches create reflections, matte pouches lose too much of the photo detail to be of any use (top 2 identical pictures on the 2nd panel from the left - top in clear, below in matte).

I am on a limited budget and this is the only space I can use for the exhibition.

What type of coating and mounting would help solve my problems?


I have already posted the solution on the course forum - shiny laminate stuck to self-adhesive form board and covered with matte spray. I spent few hours on Saturday doing just that. The result is shown below.

Close up:

And the tools:


I sprayed at first a bit too much. Since I am not using the spray for protection (the laminate is doing this job) but just to cut down on the gloss I am now using much less. I have sprayed about 40 pictures, half larger and half smaller, and I am almost out of the first can. I do sweeping spray horizontally at 45 angle about can height away from the print, then vertically on each picture. It dries almost instantly.

I forgot to add earlier that the pictures are attached to canvas boards used normally for painting. They were on special for $8 each so I got 10 of them in 2 sizes. The large laminator is from China and cost $40. The small laminating pouches are from supermarket, about 10 cents each. Larger pouches cost $20 for 100. I managed to get also 30% discount on printer cartridges (I used probably about $100 worth for 40 pictures). For ink jet paper I used Canon Matte Photo. It gives nice crispness without the shine. I printed on Canon Pixma IP8500 (smaller) and i9950 (larger). They both use the same cartridges so I just have one set and move it between them.

I should have added my husband to the tools! He did most of the sticking of the laminated and sprayed pictures to the adhesive foam boards as I kept on getting the bubbles in!

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