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Welcome to MiC Quality

MiC Quality is a global provider of eLearning solutions. We provide online courses in the Statistical Quality Tools used in quality systems, process improvement and Six Sigma programs.

This brief brief demonstration shows some of the features of the MiC Quality courses.


Our Students Say:

Mark Walsh
Mark Walsh, Consulting Engineer, UK

"I have now completed the SPC, DOE and MSA courses and found this has given me an excellent grounding in the theory behind Six Sigma methodologies. I am now confident to start applying these techniques on a day to day basis. The way in which the structure makes you go through the practical exercises is ideal, and really reinforces the concepts in a practical manner."

Existing courses:

Statistical Process Control Advanced Statistical Process Control
Primer in Statistics Advanced Statistics
Design of Experiments Measurement Systems Analysis

Coming Courses:

Six Sigma Primer
Measurement Systems Analysis Primer
Advanced Design of Experiments



::  C O N T E N T S

Statistics Primer (the free sample course)
Furnace Simulation ( a simulation used in the DOE course)
Dial Gauge (a simulation used in the MSA course)
PREcontrol activity (an in-line activity from the Advanced SPC course)
End of section assessment (typical formative assessment)
Minitab (showing how the use of Minitab is explained)
Variation Machine (the Excel simulation from the SPC course)
Section Review (the review at the end of each section)
Course Review (the review of the overall course)

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